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France - yacht charter, tourist guide, descriptions, routes, photos

Yacht charter France France France, which is sometimes called “the Hexagon”, has naturally delineated borders. In the south it is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, in the north – by the English Channel (La Manche in French), while in the east and west it is bordered by the Bay of Biscay and the river Rhine, respectively. This country evokes a lot of different associations… It welcomes visitors with excellent types of cheese and wine, giving them a chance to taste original dishes, admire richness of French art and culture, and visit countless historical relics, in particular medieval castles. Yet, none of these attractions can compare to sweet repose on the French Riviera.

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France is a country whose allure may be experienced in a variety of ways. Although conventional sightseeing tours invariably enjoy high popularity, a barge cruise across Alsace, Aquitaine, Burgund, or some other region of the country, as well as a yacht cruise along the French Riviera, will be its perfect alternative.
France has a fairly diverse climate. In the north, it is temperate and humid with cool summers and relatively warm winters, while in the south, summer is dry and the temperature there often exceeds 30 °C. Winter, in turn, is mild – in the coastal region of the Mediterranean Sea temperatures rarely drop below 10 °C. The highest precipitation occurs in springtime. The mistral, a gusty and chilly wind, is characteristic for southern regions of France. It blows mainly in winter and spring, bringing sunny weather and the cloudless sky.

In France, it is possible to sail along both the Mediterranean and the Atlantic coastline. These two regions are very popular tourist destinations.
While in France, one simply cannot resist tasting its original cuisine. Although every region prides in its own delicacies, cheeses (over 400 types), excellent wine, and even frogs’ legs are available everywhere one turns.