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Taiwan - yacht charter, tourist guide, descriptions, routes, photos

Yacht charter Taiwan Taiwan A place with wonderful nature, beautiful lakes between picturesque mountains, rocky coast and national parks full of amazing rock formations.

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Taiwan (Republic of China) A country unrecognized by most of the international community, located in Southeast Asia on the island of Taiwan (formerly Formosa) off the coast of the People's Republic of China. Taiwan consists of a large island called Taiwan and 21 offshore islands that make up the Pescadores Archipelago.

Taiwan has a relatively warm climate - temperatures are generally high in the lowlands and foothills. In winter, the average temperature is 15 °C (in the south, temperatures reach 20 °C), in summer it is hot and the average temperature is 28 - 30 °C. At the same time, Taiwan is a very humid and rainy island. The highest rainfall is recorded in the summer, while the winters are dry and sunny. A characteristic feature of the climate are hurricanes, which in Asia are called typhoons. The period of typhoons is at the end of summer and beginning of autumn. Taiwan is hit by three to four typhoons a year.

The capital of the island is the city of Taipei, which attracts lovers of oriental art from all over the world. Worth a visit is the National Palace Museum, with a great collection of Chinese art salvaged from the Forbidden City. It is also worth visiting the mausoleum created after the death of President Chiang Kai-shek. In the capital, there is also one of the world's most famous skyscrapers, Taipei 101. The building resembles a bamboo pole, 101 floors, and double-decker elevators go up at a speed of 60 km/h. There are viewing platforms on the 89th and 91st floors. The skyscraper has a special structure to protect against earthquakes and typhoons.

When visiting Taipei, it is worth going to one of the night markets, the most popular being Shilin and Hwahsi. These are clusters of shops, traders and restaurants located among narrow streets, bustling with life until late at night.

However, the wealth of Taiwan is nature. Half of the area of Taiwan is covered with forest. The most beautiful vegetation is found in the mountains - evergreen trees, bamboo forests and palm trees. The most attractive natural places include Yangmingshan - a park with numerous sulphate springs, lakes and rivers (approx. 40 minutes by bus from Taipei); Wulai with hot springs and waterfalls and Sitou - a forest recreation park with very rich vegetation.

Curiosities and tips

- The island is an area of intense seismic activity - small tremors (up to 5 degrees) occur on a daily basis. Torrential rains during typhoons (up to 1000 mm per day), which most often occur from April to October, cause landslides, a rapid increase in water in streams and rivers, and floods. During a typhoon, you should not go outside, or if you need to go out - take special precautions due to heavy rains and very strong winds. It is recommended that you listen to the local radio station International Community Radio Taiwan (ICRT) - FM 100.7 MHz (Taipei and Kaohsiung), FM 100.1 MHz (Taichung), FM 100.8 MHz (Chiayi) in English, or online .

- The loss of a passport should be reported to the police station where the incident took place, and then to the Warsaw Trade Office in Taipei, where a new passport can be applied for. As part of its consular activities, WBH is authorized to, among others: for full consular care of Polish citizens residing in Taiwan, issuing passports (biometric and temporary), issuing visas for foreigners, legalization of documents and other activities in the field of citizenship and marital status.

- The penal code in Taiwan provides for extremely severe penalties (including the death penalty) for smuggling, trafficking and possession of narcotic substances (drugs).

- Taiwan is a very safe place with low crime rates. No terrorist attacks have been recorded here so far. Taiwanese people are generally polite and honest, with a very positive attitude towards foreigners.

- Local police departments have sections for foreigners that employ English-speaking officers; phone numbers in major cities in Taiwan: Taipei (02) 25566007, Kaoshiung (07) 2154342, Tainan (06) 2229704, Taichung (04) 3273875, Taitung (089) 334756, Pingtung (08) 7336283.