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How to rent a yacht in Norway?

Since you are already on our website, the most important step towards making your dreams come true... is already behind you. Way to go! Our search engine will guide you through the entire rental process in a simple, intuitive way. Thanks to it, yacht charter in Norway is not only comfortable, but above all safe. We work only with proven shipowners and we make sure that the information you see with us is updated on a regular basis.

Now all you have to do is specify the date of the cruise and specify what kind of boat you are looking for. After selecting the date and number of cabins, just click "search" and you're done - the best offers for yacht charter in Norway are at your disposal.

How much does a yacht charter in Norway cost?

Norway is not the cheapest country, even by European standards. Of course, this is also reflected in the boat rental prices. Despite this, every year many people choose to charter a yacht in Norway , because the experience of sailing in its waters is worth the price to pay. Of course, the cost of renting a boat may vary slightly. The most important elements that make up the final price are:

  • size and age of the yacht,
  • its equipment, facilities, etc.,
  • cruise date.

When planning a yacht charter in Norway and estimating its budget, it is worth considering all the above elements. To help you make the right decision about the specifics of the boat and departure date, we have prepared some specific examples that you will find below.

A thirteen-year-old, five-cabin Bavaria will cost around €6,500 per week in season A, around €5,800 in season B and €4,600 in season C. A two-cabin yacht of a similar age costs 3,200 euros (season A), 2,900 (season B) and 2,300 (season C) respectively.

Are you planning a cruise in the waters of Northern Europe? Do you dream of sailing among the harsh fjords and experiencing a real sea adventure? See the best offers for yacht charter in Norway ! Thanks to our search engine, you will quickly find the perfect boat for your crew and organize a great cruise. Below you will also find a handful of tips that will help you choose the best route and sailing date.

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Yacht charters Norway - requirements

The countries of northern Europe are famous for their love of order and formality, so when planning a yacht charter in Norway, it is essential to ensure that you do not violate local regulations.

To be able to steer a boat in Norwegian waters, you must have at least a yacht helmsman's license. However, there is no need to have a radio operator's certificate (SRC or LRC).

Yacht rental in Norway without a license

If you dream of chartering a yacht in Norway , but you do not have the appropriate sailing license, you can choose the option of a cruise with a skipper. This solution will allow you to fulfill your dreams of seeing the wonderful fjords from the deck - and not only that. Take into account the fact that a skipper is primarily a professional skipper, but also a guide. He will gladly tell your crew where to go and show you the most interesting places, often known only to locals.

Where to sail in Norway?

Remember that yacht charter in Norway is a great opportunity to get to know the wild nature of the north, but also the culture and traditions of this unique country. Which locations are worth visiting? Where is it worth going? Here is our subjective list of the most interesting attractions.


It is hard to imagine a yacht charter in Norway without at least a short visit to the capital of this country. A visit to Oslo is a great opportunity to buy souvenirs, but also to get acquainted with the amazing atmosphere of this city and to visit its beautiful museums.

Sorlandet and Kristiansand

From Oslo, it is worth going to the "summer paradise", as the Norwegians call Kristiansand and Sørlandet. There you will find views that you certainly do not expect. When choosing a yacht charter in Norway, which is not located on the Mediterranean Sea, you are not thinking about sunbathing, are you? And yet! Despite the harsh climate, you will find fantastic beaches there, and the sun, although not as intense as in the south, shines here for an unusually long time during the day.


If you are looking for wild landscapes and raw beauty during your yacht charter in Norway, you should definitely go to Lofoten. It is an archipelago in the Norwegian Sea, formed of rocks of volcanic and metamorphic origin. This genesis gives the local islands an unusual appearance that will surely stay in your memory. You will find there steep, almost vertical walls, sharp ridges, narrow fjords and picturesque coves - what more could you ask for?