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Cape Verde - yacht charter, tourist guide, descriptions, routes, photos

Yacht charter Cape Verde Cape Verde The Republic of Cape Verde, a virtual “Shangri-La” on the Atlantic Ocean, still remains a place situated off the beaten track, where few tourists come. Thanks to this, it is possible to get a taste of a tranquil life in the bosom of wonderful nature, almost unaltered by civilization. It is an inexpensive, safe, and attractive destination.

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Cape Verde forms a group of wonderful and little known islands of volcanic origin which are situated in the Atlantic Ocean, about 600 kilometres west of the African coasts of Mauritania and Senegal. The archipelago consists of 10 inhabited islands and 5 rocky islets. Until 1975, it was a Portuguese colony. For centuries, it has been known to seamen and sailors mainly for production of the Grogue, an excellent brandy variety.

Despite its name suggest something quite the reverse, the islands do not abound in lush greenery. Due to the archipelago’s volcanic origin, they are rather grey and black in colour. Cape Verde was formed as a result of the volcano’s eruption, which is why every island is totally different and has its own special atmosphere. This variety is huge, ranging from sandy beaches with pure azure water, through arid lands and fertile soils with coffee, tea, or sugar cane plantations, to mountain ranges. The country’s capital is Praia, a city on Santiago island.

The holiday season on Cape Verde lasts from November until March. The beginning of December is perfect for sailing around the archipelago. Temperatures then are not very high, but water, warmed up in the course of scorching summer, is very warm. While winter sets in in Europe, the temperature on Cape Verde goes up to 30 °C.

A perfectly equipped yacht and catamaran fleet will add variety to the time spent under the white sails. Mindelo on Sao Vincente island is our main charter base.