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Caribbean - yacht charter, tourist guide, descriptions, routes, photos

Yacht charter Caribbean Caribbean It is a special place for sailors. Great weather, pristine beaches, the azure sea, and a slow rhythm of the day…what more can a sailor need, when at the same time in Europe winter sets in? The Caribbean is simply a Sailing Paradise.

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The Caribbean or, to be more precise – the Caribbean archipelago, curves over 4,700 km, and is one of the most popular sailing regions in the world. It consists of two main chains of islands: Greater Antilles (Western) with Cuba, Hispaniola (Haiti and the Dominican Republic), Jamaica, and Puerto Rico, and Lesser Antilles (Eastern) including the Virgin Islands, Martinique, Santa Lucia and others.

Between December and May, the archipelago is a perfect alternative to cold and snow-covered Europe. The region of the Caribbean Sea has a tropical climate with average annual temperature as high as 27 °C, which makes it a fantastic sailing area with great places for scuba-diving, golden beaches, cocoa palms, a transparent azure and cyan-blue sea, hibiscus flowers and rhythmical sounds of reggae. The Caribbean denotes the time spent leisurely under the white sails, excitement and joy of sailing with no battle with the elements, and total relaxation.

A chance to discover secrets of countless islands in a yacht, catamaran, or motor boat of a well-prepared fleet will surely make the time under the white sails more attractive. We set sail in Guadeloupe (Point-a-Pitre), Martynique (Le Marin), St. Martin, St. Lucia, and many others islands. It is best to start cruise planning and preparations a few months in advance of the charter, thanks to which we will have a chance for attractive discounts on flights, as well as special offers proposed by shipowners in return for an early booking.